by on May 27, 2021

The Science Behind How Bathmate HydroMax Penis Pump And Why Does It Really Work?
The bathmate water pump is an effective water assisted vacuum pump; which is unique in the way it does not use air like a conventional vacuum erection pump. Making use of water to create the power of vacuum is not only more effective than air, but also gives the user the opportunity to relax comfortably while in the bath or shower.
Not only that, the suction power obtained from the water pump is more evenly distributed compared to ordinary wind-based pumps.

Bathmate helps develop the Corpora Cavernosa penis so that it grows big and strong. Hence, the potential penis size increases in both girth and length while achieving rock-hard erections. The process involves drawing blood into these spaces as during a natural erection.

The toe guard pump design is calculated to allow for safe and minimal compression forces; while allowing to achieve maximum expansion force resulting in maximum growth with minimum discomfort. Using the Bathmate penis hydro pump will result in an increase in penis size.


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