by on August 30, 2021
Your ecobee’s schedule consists of temperature profiles known as Comfort Settings. By default, your ecobee has three Comfort Settings: Residence, Away, and Sleep. It's also possible to create further customized Comfort Settings through the web Portal. Comfort Settings be sure your own home is the appropriate temperature throughout particular actions in your schedule. By selecting which sensors take part in each Consolation Setting, you may have complete control over which sensors your ecobee thermostat uses to calculate the average temperature. Keep in mind, each Comfort Setting will need to have at the least one collaborating sensor. To maximise overnight consolation, you would possibly decide that the one sensor you want to incorporate in your Sleep Consolation Setting is the one in your bedroom. Through the busiest time of day, when your home Comfort Setting is active, chances are you'll need to have multiple sensors participating; e.g. your dwelling room sensor, the one within the kitchen, and your thermostat's built-in occupancy sensor. How does my ecobee thermostat handle sensor participation when it's altering from one Comfort Setting to the subsequent (e.g. from House to Sleep, or Home to Away)? Because every Consolation Setting may need a wholly different mixture of participating sensors, a sudden change from one Consolation Setting to a different might lead to a rapid rise or drop in average temperature. To keep away from this, your ecobee makes the transition from one Comfort Setting to the subsequent, steadily. This course of normally takes about 30 minutes. How does sensor participation work when i modify the temperature manually? Adjusting the temperature with your ecobee's temperature slider or within the app activates your home Consolation Setting. When your private home Consolation Setting is energetic, your ecobee units the temperature by averaging out the temperature readings from every Room Sensor participating in that Consolation Setting. To resume your scheduled Comfort Setting, tap the X icon in your ecobee's Dwelling Display; utilizing the app?
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