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Cooking is one of the tricky professions to level in New World, due to the ingredients which are somewhat difficult to obtain. DiamondLobby explains how to quickly level up Cooking in New World. 

My cooking level is 64, I would say I’ve put five to 10 minutes into cooking on this game. And that is not an exaggeration, I’ve literally put no other time in other than that. Hi, and welcome to this guide, where I’m going to be talking to you about the best way to rank up your cooking level in new world as quickly as you can. Now, unfortunately, cooking is one of those skills, where you actually have to put a large amount of time into either gathering resources, or you have to put a large amount of money into buying resources to get that level up.

It’s not like fishing, which I’m doing a little bit of now. Or it’s not like mining, where you actually go out and you complete an activity, you do a certain thing, and it gets your level up. If you wanted to start doing cooking straight away in New World. Well, you can’t unfortunately, because you don’t have any of the ingredients. So what you have to do first is you actually have to go out and put some time or money into getting those ingredients.

And that’s what this video is going to focus on. Because I have some really good tips and tricks for you that can actually help you with these ingredients to make sure you’re doing things in the most efficient way possible. Now to start with, I’ve done a little bit of fishing, I’ve been using this broad fishing hotspot, it’s in windward, it’s a popular location, it’s one that I like just because of the active hotspot the here that can get you quite a lot of rare fish or bigger fish.

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