by on September 12, 2021
The essential unit of information in filamentary-primarily based resistive switching reminiscences is physically saved in a conductive filament. Therefore, the general efficiency of the device is indissolubly associated to the properties of such filament. On this Letter, we report for the primary time on the three-dimensional (3D) statement of the form of the conductive filament. The commentary of the filament is finished in a nanoscale conductive-bridging system, which is programmed under actual operative conditions. To acquire the 3D-info we developed a devoted tomography technique primarily based on conductive atomic force microscopy. The form and size of the conductive filament are obtained in three-dimensions with nanometric decision. The noticed filament presents a conical form with the narrow half near the inert-electrode. On the idea of this shape, we conclude that the dynamic filament-growth is restricted by the cation transport. As well as, we reveal the position of the programming current, which clearly influences the physical-quantity of the induced conductive filaments.
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