bitcoin is a pretty cool digital currency. And it has a relatively high level of self-stable even though 2021 will be a bad year for both of these currencies. That is quite plummet and is quite red, but overall It is still what is known as still being watched. and is the expectation of the future of investment That is quite interesting, no less. which can be considered at present There are still many people who are still interested and ask questions. Keep in mind that if you want to invest in a currency like bitcoin, where should you start? We can say that it's pretty cool, not tricky. And nothing complicated, and there are options as follows. 1. Mining bitcoin Many people have often heard in the past that bitcoin can be obtained by mining, each person is confused about what machine it is mined from. and what special abilities Must first understand the surname. Well, this type is designed for a total of 21 million BTC, so it is like. It is a gold mine that is a city of gold with many things. that is ever limitless, thus making mining It is very popular. for the most part The technology will be implemented using computer equipment or graphics cards, or will include bitcoin mining machines that can be purchased at companies that manufacture them. which has different characteristics in each company And with this volatility, the mining force Therefore, it is imperative that the specs be set accordingly. to your needs 2.Trading bitcoins However, trading bitcoin is one that is more accessible. Mining because no technological skills are required. All but it is absolutely necessary to use trading skills. exchange that can be easily accessed and including trades that can be manipulated through many websites that are very popular By example, Bitkub of Thailand itself is good or not. of foreign countries as well Just apply for the website to verify your identity. and transfer money into trading and timing to buy bitcoins for speculation. or long term to wait for an opportunity to make the price go up Was able to sell to be another point that is the timing. And making good money is more or less as much as it can be. summarize There are two main things bitcoin can do with quality investments. and performance, which is completely different. But overall, it's an easy and accessible story. And still full of the mix of things that are perfect, blended parts. of what is wonderful and important in terms of quality investment and the most efficient as well
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