Covid-19: More than 10% of pupils not in school last week



More than one in 10 pupils in Northern Ireland were not in school during the second week of the new term, Department of Education figures show.

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The department says 88.9% of pupils were in school during the week from 6 September to 10 September.

The attendance figures include primary, post-primary and special schools, but not pre-schools.

They suggest 3.1% of pupils - about 10,000 - were learning from home due to self-isolation or social distancing.

That is the highest proportion of pupils recorded as self-isolating by schools since all pupils returned to face-to-face teaching at Easter.

However, 8% of pupils were marked absent by schools for reasons not due to self-isolation or social distancing in the week commencing 6 September.

While the percentage of pupils in school was at 94% during the first week of the new 2021/22 school year that fell to 88.9% in the second week.

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